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Robert G. Muse

Robb Muse currently serves as President of SEI Trust Company (STC) and SEI Institutional Transfer Agent, Inc. (SITA), and Vice President of SEI Private Trust Company. Robb is primarily focused on managing all operations of SEI Trust Company – with its singular focus on collective funds - and all operations of the SEI Institutional Transfer Agent – which is tasked with accurate recordkeeping for various mutual and collective fund complexes.

Robb has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry with a meaningful focus on the qualified retirement plan field. Robb has been with SEI since 2000 and has held other management roles at SEI including roles in tax, institutional operations and 401(k) conversions and previously held management roles at other financial institutions and retirement consulting firms.

Robb received a Bachelor of Arts in organizational business management from Eastern University. In addition, Robb holds the following industry designations: QPA, CRSP, CPC, QKA, and CEBS.