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Turn five tech risks into opportunities

December 7, 2020

Your firm faces an array of risks from inside and outside the industry. And that's not all bad.


We've identified five technology risks that are not only occurring more frequently, but could actually provide opportunity for your firm to stand out from the pack.

  1. The rise of disruptive technologies: Does your firm have the ability to adapt and grow from failure? 
  2. The reality behind disparate systems: A unified platform can stop the technology treadmill and support your unique value proposition. 
  3. The (un)sustainable investment: Technology's price tag can be overwhelming, and the cost isn't always easily visible. 
  4. The challenge with adviser/client alignment: Free your advisors from administrative tasks in multiple systems, and both advisor and client benefit.
  5. The absence of collaboration: A sense of community is imperative in a remote environment.

Take action now to guard against these risks — and gain an edge over your competition.

Originally published in 2018, but updated in fall of 2020 to reflect the realities and impact of a global pandemic.

Private  Banking Team

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