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Evolving Forces: Convergence in the U.S. Retirement Marketplace

Growing from just $1 trillion in assets 40 years ago to nearly $35 trillion today, the U.S. retirement market is central to the U.S. investment industry. 

Over the past several decades, responsibility to save for retirement has shifted from employers to individuals, and defined contribution (DC) plans have become firmly entrenched as the primary U.S. retirement solution, usurping defined (DB) plans.  A closer look at DC reveals opportunities for players of all types, both incumbents and new entrants alike. In identifying these opportunities, it becomes apparent that the historical drivers of retirement market growth will likely be the same drivers of growth tomorrow. 

Our white paper, "Evolving Forces: Convergence in the U.S. Retirement Marketplace" explores some of the trends influencing the retirement market. As a supplement to the paper, we also explored three real-world examples of how managers are approaching the retirement market today.

As these forces continue to evolve and converge, opportunities are emerging for investment managers and plan sponsors.  

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