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Digitize the Investor Experience

Science fiction is a beloved and enduring genre largely because of technology’s transformative potential. The best examples leverage this to the hilt and extract as much dramatic tension as possible from the situation. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea revealed an astonishing underwater world accessible only via electric submarines that wouldn’t be invented for another century. The dystopia in Brave New World depicted designer drugs and genetic engineering long before their time. HAL 9000, the famously malfunctioning computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey, seems entirely plausible in today’s algorithmic world.

Technological transformations in the corporate world may not hold a candle to rogue robots on the big screen, but we are nevertheless surrounded by a growing number of examples that are every bit as revolutionary, even if they lack a certain dramatic flair.

Like the business world at large, technology is currently enabling an upheaval in the financial services industry. Financial firms are making up for lost time, having lagged companies in other sectors as they focused on operational efficiency rather than innovation. Acquiring clients has become more challenging and costly as competition increases, sparking renewed interest in improving the client experience.

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