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Merging success: Strategies for change

Merging success: Strategies for change

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Tony Hanlon:
As a leader of change, I think the key to success is being very clear on three key questions: why, the what, and the how. Why do you want to make change? What is it that you're hoping to achieve, and how do you think you're going to achieve that?

Kevin Chorniak:
How does the transformational change that you're affecting align with your strategy and your value proposition and to what degree do your team members understand that strategy, and understand the reasons behind the change you're initiating.

Brett Williams:
So when you are initiating change, I think it's really important to have a position or an outcome in mind because otherwise people can easily get confused and chaos can ensue from that and actually you don't get the change you want to get. So if I'm talking externally, one of the things that I'm always trying to do is to find out what, what is the problem that the CEO of the firm is trying to fix, is the CEO of a firm, what problem are they trying to solve? 

Kristen Bauer:
So we've been focused on just that, understanding each other understanding how each organization has operated, how they focus on clients and taking the time to really think about how we could co-create something that's even greater than the sum of our parts, on behalf of our clients, employees in the community.

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