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Podcast: Five key themes for creating an exceptional banking client experience

December 8, 2021
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Now more than ever, clients are focused on simplifying their lives. They value trusted partners and seek out digital experiences that are tailored to their needs, foster relationships, and contain high value interactions. This is true of consumers and is equally top of mind for leaders in banks, large RIAs, trust companies, and asset management firms. 

In week’s podcast episode, I sit down with Ashley Leuthe, Director of Solutions for SEI’s Private Banking Unit, to dig deeper into client experience. She examines how banks can set their businesses apart by incorporating five themes: hyper-personalization, frictionless, gamification, education, and social components. 

Ashley brings two decades of experience and passion in client experience, so we’re thrilled to share her perspectives and insights for leaders in the banking space for the years to come. 

Throughout the conversation, you’ll learn:

  • What clients value most in trusted partners and digital experiences
  • How banks can incorporate greater hyper-personalization effectively and at scale, and the role of emerging technology in enabling that experience
  • Why banks may look to unify their wealth management and traditional banking lines of business to create connected, client centric platforms
  • Increased focus on delivering quality advice and trusted engagement in a streamlined, accessible way

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