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Video: An OCIO that specializes in higher education

An OCIO with tenure and expertise in the higher education space can help your school pursue long-term success.

As an OCIO that specializes in helping higher education institutions pursue their financial goals, we're committed to expanding our knowledge and expertise in the educational space. From speaking at industry conferences to partnering with accredited nonprofit organizations, we keep our fingers on the pulse. 

Our commitment to higher education institutions

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As an OCIO or Outsourced Chief Investment Officer for educational institutions, SEI is a dedicated specialist in helping to resolve the unique and complex financial challenges they face today and in the future. Well-known and respected public and private institutions with endowments in a wide range in size, have sought our experience and custom investment solutions.

To be a long-lasting strategic partner with our clients, it requires a significant commitment to continuous learning and being well-versed on emerging trends and risks that impact them

As part of that commitment, we work with leading organizations that act as advocates for their causes, including the Association of Governing Boards (AGB), the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

As a recognized investment management thought leader, SEI is often asked to present at events where endowment trustees and internal staff gather to discuss strategies related to endowment performance. We often partner with our educational clients in delivering real-world experiences to their peers.

New challenges are always on the horizon. SEI’s pledge to our educational clients is that we will remain committed to being a part of their industry and participate in this dialogue in as many ways as possible including.

  • Facilitating sessions to help make their Board more successful
  • Conducting meaningful industry research
  • Moderating roundtable events with their peers
  • Advocating through the media on issues important to them
  • Providing training and fiduciary reviews for new and current Board and committee members
  • Offering learning opportunities for the student’s overseeing their student investment fund
  • Participating in job fairs at their university
  • Or simply, ending a long day of conference sessions by hosting a networking dinner with a great view

As an OCIO, our job is to oversee funds that are critical to the operation of our college and university clients. They are funds that the help support present students set up your school for better long-term success. As a leading OCIO specializing in the higher education market, SEI is focused on being ingrained in what they do, front and center.

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