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New investment committee member onboarding portal

Effectively selecting and onboarding new committee members is important to the success of the committee. Our specialists provide resources to help you identify new committee members and successfully bring them onboard in an effective and thorough way, so they can start contributing right away. 

  1. New committee member onboarding checklist - Lays out the steps for onboarding to set the new member up for success. This includes a list of items you'll need to provide to educate the committee member including: introducing the investment provider, committee surveys, account history, firm overview and goals. 
  2. Profile template - Assists you in creating a profile for the new member so that relevant information can be shared with the rest of the committee. This helps to fill everyone in on member background, experience and even personal notes. 
  3. IC member matrix - A resource that allows you to visualize the strength and skill of each member so that you can identify areas of opportunity or gaps. A diverse board can often bring better decision-making qualities. This matrix can help. (Source: Chronicles of Philanthropy, "Why and How to Build a Diversity Nonprofit Board, 2016)

How do we help our clients?

We assist our clients when they onboard new members. For the committee to function effectively, the new member must understand the history of the portfolio, key asset allocation decisions and future goals. Upon joining, we set a meeting with the new member and provide the following:

  • Welcome email – Ongoing communication is critical from the start.
  • Survey for committee members – We launch a survey so that we can integrate the new members results with those of the committee at large.
  • Sample client committee survey results – Review of the latest committee survey.
  • Account history and investment process presentation – We share an interactive presentation including a review of the account history, current portfolio strategy and an in-depth look at our firm and investment process. The presentation can be tailored to the needs of the member. We also add education in any area the member has requested, including asset classes or our approach to risk management.

An introduction to SEI and the client team

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Evaluating OCIOs?

Our evaluation center is a one-stop shop to make your search successful. From an RFP checklist and sample questions to tools for comparing fees and performance, and tips for running a finals presentation, we've got you covered.

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