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Charles Russo

Director of Analytics, SEI Novus, part of SEI’s Enhanced CIO platform
areas of expertise
Reporting and analytics on behalf of clients
Client management and support

Charles Russo (aka Charlie) is Director of Analytics, SEI Novus, part of SEI’s Enhanced CIO platform, and has led the Client Management team since June 2019. In his role, Charlie is responsible for ensuring clients benefit from the SEI Novus value proposition from both an analytical and relationship perspective. He is also responsible for identifying and driving the expansion of client relationships into covering analytics and reporting for their entire portfolio through targeted campaigns, as well as for all analytical work conducted on behalf of clients. Finally, he is responsible for capturing, aggregating and summarizing client needs related to functionality expansion, a crucial input into the SEI Novus Product Roadmap, and product adoption more broadly.

Prior to his current role, Charlie started as a member of the team in March 2016, later ascending to team lead and playing a pivotal role in establishing and leading the Austin team.

In a prior role, Charlie was an Analyst within Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Consulting Division, responsible for manager selection and due diligence. Charlie holds a B.S. from the University at Buffalo and an M.B.A. from the St. John Fisher School of Business.

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