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The CIT Opportunity Series: Part 4

16 July, 2020
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CITs have grown significantly in the last decade. The initial increase in their popularity and inflows has been driven by an industry-wide focus on lower fees and increased flexibility. Today, with personalised and tailored solutions in high demand, CITs will not only continue to grow, but the pace of growth will likely exceed that of the last five years. To take advantage of the positive trends affecting the US Defined Contribution (DC) market, asset managers like you should consider creating a diverse set of products, vehicles and solutions and include building an array of CITs to meet specific client demands for personalisation and low cost. In our fourth brief of our four-part series, we explore:

  • Broader industry trends boosting CIT usage
  • How the changing intermediary landscape is driving new CIT opportunities
  • New product development opportunities
  • Future factors that will further increase CIT adoption

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