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Environmental social governance (ESG)

Choosing to invest ethically doesn’t need to mean sacrificing returns.  

Our funds benefit from screening and engagement services that offer an effective way to implement value-based investing.

We provide you with an engagement and voting overlay service delivered through BMO Global Asset Management’s responsible engagement overlay (reo©) service. The service provides constructive dialogue with companies whose stock and/or bonds are prominently held within the SEI funds on corporate governance, social and environmental issues. The service also includes voting by BMO on behalf of our funds at shareholder meetings to ensure that companies respond to the expectations of shareholders, as well as other stakeholders.

Within our funds, BMO provides overlay screening for the following ESG guidelines:

  • Ecosystem services (biodiversity)
  • Climate change
  • Environmental management
  • Human rights
  • Labour standards
  • Public health
  • Corporate governance
  • Business ethics
  • Sustainability management and reporting

We aim to help you fulfil your charitable objectives whilst achieving positive outcomes for your endowment.

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