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Financial advisors

Who we serve

Financial advisors

A trusted partner at every stage of your growth, focused on deepening client relationships.

As a financial advisor, you are focused on growing, differentiating, and creating efficiencies in your business so that you can concentrate on the heart of your business—your clients. We aim to provide the asset management solutions to help you do just that.

Flexible portfolio solutions to help your clients meet their own personal goals. 

Our portfolio model solutions are focused on the needs and risk profiles of the individual investor. They extend across a range of risk profiles and objectives, helping you and your clients maximize returns, reduce volatility, and manage investment risk.

Mutual funds that add diversity to your business

Our mutual funds offer a variety of fund-of-fund and stand-alone fund options to align your advice with the way your clients think about wealth.

Why work with SEI?

  • Our dedicated global team of 100+ investment professionals provides continuous, multi-level monitoring
  • Our investment solutions cover a range of investor financial goals and risk profiles
  • You receive access to institutional and lesser-known investment managers
  • You have more time to spend on client advice and service

We offer more than investment solutions:

  • Insights: Ongoing support and client communications into our investment solutions
  • Education: How changing market conditions may impact your clients’ investments
  • Practice management support: Helping you run a more efficient business
  • A dedicated sales and support team: We’re here to answer your questions and support your business

A five-step investment philosophy

From active asset allocation to independent risk oversight, our disciplined investment process helps investors stay on target, no matter the market conditions.

Information provided by SEI Investments Canada Company, the investment fund manager and portfolio manager of the SEI Funds in Canada and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.