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What we do

Welcome to SEI GrowthLink

Grow your business with expert practice management recommendations and actionable toolkits.

We don’t just tell you how to grow your practice. We give you the tools and resources to do it. 

From assessing your current processes to implementation, we can help you grow your practice using these five key growth themes:


Getting referrals

Learn how to develop and activate your referral plan with our scorecard, referral seed worksheet, and referral-builder plan.

Achieving business goals 

Drive the right business outcomes for your practice using our business audit, goals-to-outcomes tool, and one-page business plan.

Finding your ideal client 

Define your ideal persona and build their client experience using our ideal client implementation scorecard, persona builder and segmentation accelerator.

Communicating your differentiated message 

Learn about the key components of impactful messaging with our value messaging scorecard, framework tool, and activation checklist

Coaching through biases–yours and your clients’

Get three simple recommendations to manage biases along with an investor-approved article and biases assessment.

Hear more from us.

Learn about SEI GrowthLink directly from our Head of Practice Management Solutions, Shauna Mace, CHPC.

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Welcome to GrowthLink. I’m Shauna Mace, Head of Practice Management for SEI, a leading global provider of wealth management solutions.  

SEI GrowthLink is our take on modern practice management. We’ve developed a place for financial advisors and their teams to access actionable ideas and toolkits to inspire you, and help you grow… YOUR way.

Our mission is to teach you and your team to think and act as consultants in your practice. To unlock your potential, realize your goals and amplify your impact.

I know growth means different things to different people. We’ve compiled the topics that are most in demand based upon our experience working with advisors. GrowthLink was built to be used by advisors of all types and sizes.

We know you are busy which is why we have created step-by-step recommendations and things to consider as you complete each phase.

At SEI we believe we are better together. I’ve spent almost 20 years in the industry. I’ve worked in an advisory firm, at a fast growing asset management company and as the owner of a practice management consultancy.

Now I lead practice management across North America. Through these experiences and with the benefit of working with hundreds of advisors here at SEI, I know growth is possible with the right approach, focus and commitment.

Thanks for joining us.

Information provided by SEI Investments Canada Company. SEI Investments Canada Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company, is the investment fund manager and portfolio manager of the SEI Funds in Canada.