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SEI goals-based portfolios are a straightforward implementation of our goals-based thinking.  

Comprised of underlying multi-manager SEI asset class funds, these portfolios are diversified and designed to meet a variety of investor goals, from capital preservation to growth. 

Each portfolio is highly diversified by asset class, investment style, manager, and geography with an aim of maximizing returns, limiting volatility, and managing investment risk.    

These portfolios are managed to their longer-term strategic asset allocation, while also incorporating periodic dynamic asset allocation changes to take advantage of shorter-term changes in the capital markets. The portfolios are monitored daily, and automatically rebalanced to maintain the target asset allocation that we set. 

Why invest in SEI goals-based portfolios?

Built using a manager-of-managers framework, these strategies leverage SEI’s investment philosophy and oversight, and provide investors with access to world-class institutional managers not typically available to retail investors.

Benefits for investors:

  • Broad diversification by asset class, investment manager, geography, and investment style 
  • Exposure to multiple specialist managers that are typically available only to large institutional investors
  • Ongoing monitoring and oversight of the underlying funds allows for adjustments to suit market conditions
  • Dynamic asset allocation to take advantage of shorter-term changes in the markets
  • Automatic portfolio rebalancing to help investors stay on track toward their goals

Stability and growth focus

SEI’s suite of eight portfolio models fall into two groups–stability focused and growth focused.

Risk expectationModerateBalancedGrowthLong-Term GrowthAll EquityFixed IncomeForeign Equity ConservativeDefensiveShort TermCanadian Equity For illustration purposes only.Return expectationGrowth-focused portfolios Cash and EquivalentsStability-focused portfolios

Stability-focused portfolios  

These portfolios seek growth within a risk-budgeting framework to manage the risk of loss. They are designed for investors who want to protect against losses while working toward a comfortable level of growth.

Growth-focused portfolios  

These portfolios seek long-term growth in line with the broad equity and fixed income markets. They are designed for investors seeking the highest possible return for a given risk tolerance. 

Visit our legal documents page for regulatory fact sheets and reports of fund performance.

A global approach rooted in active asset management.

Our solutions are guided by skilled manager research, driven by asset allocation, and monitored by independent risk management.

Investment solutions provided by SEI Investments Canada Company, the investment fund manager and portfolio manager of the SEI Funds in Canada and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.