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You can’t coach clients through biases if you’re not aware of your own.

All humans have biases that affect their thinking. When financial advisors take time to understand what biases are and how they impact financial decisions—from their own perspective and their clients’—they are better equipped to coach clients toward better outcomes.

We surveyed Canadian financial advisors about their own biases and those they observe in clients. What we heard may surprise you.

Download our “Coach through biases” toolkit that includes a summary of the survey findings along with three simple ways you can manage biases in the future. You’ll learn:

  • How biases could meaningfully impact outcomes if left unchecked
  • How to shift your mindset away from the traditional advisor-driven approach to one of coaching and co-planning
  • Where opportunities exist to build processes that help keep clients on track

You’ll also receive an exclusive investor-approved article to share with your clients.

Get the toolkit now.

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