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Asset class funds

SEI asset class funds are the building blocks used to construct all of our asset allocation funds and portfolios.

The funds are actively managed using a diversified, multi-manager approach, providing access to institutional money managers at low investment minimums.

Why invest in SEI asset class funds?

Underpinning each fund, and what differentiates us, is our rigorous manager selection and monitoring process. We select and combine specialist managers for each fund and monitor them on a continual basis. Our process gives us the flexibility to add or remove managers, allocate additional funds, or take funds away—in order to optimize the fund.

Our Asset Class Funds are available in a wide array of equity and fixed income options. In addition to providing the building blocks of our portfolios and Asset Allocation Funds, they can be used on a stand-alone basis to provide advisors with the flexibility to tailor asset allocation to specific client needs—whether it be building a balanced portfolio or selecting a fund to gain exposure to a specific asset class.

These funds are available in purchase options for both traditional (Class E) and fee-based (Class F) accounts.

Benefits for investors:

  • Access to multiple specialist managers and their best ideas
  • Diversification benefits, which can potentially reduce volatility
  • Ongoing monitoring and oversight of the managers by SEI
  • Low minimum investment amount of $1,000

SEI Asset Class Funds:

  • Canadian Equity Fund    
  • Canadian Fixed Income Fund    
  • Canadian Small Company Equity Fund    
  • Emerging Markets Equity Fund    
  • Global Managed Volatility Fund   
  • International Equity Fund    
  • Long Duration Bond Fund    
  • Money Market Fund    
  • Real Return Bond Fund    
  • Short Term Bond Fund    
  • U.S. High Yield Bond Fund    
  • U.S. High Yield Bond Fund (hedged)    
  • U.S. Large Company Equity Fund    
  • U.S. Large Company Equity Fund (hedged)    
  • U.S. Small Company Equity Fund    
  • U.S. Small Company Equity Fund (hedged)    
For more information, including regulatory fact sheets and reports of fund performance, visit our legal documents page.

Strike a balance between risk and return.

Lower volatility doesn’t have to mean lower returns with the SEI Global Managed Volatility Fund.

Investment solutions provided by SEI Investments Canada Company, the investment fund manager and portfolio manager of the SEI Funds in Canada and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal.