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Our ETF Strategies are actively managed to maximize returns, limit volatility and manage investment risk to help achieve short- and long-term investment goals.

Why should I invest in SEI Tactical ETF Strategies?

Through extensive research, we identify ETFs that we believe offer the best chance of tracking market indexes at the lowest cost. We assemble them into diversified portfolios, then carefully watch the markets, not only to rebalance and maintain your asset allocation, but also to adjust it in response to market changes. All of this done while maintaining strict risk guidelines.

These strategies are designed to help you benefit from the same research, discipline, and market insights available to the largest institutional and private investors in a low-cost, tax-efficient portfolio.

Consider an ETF Strategy if you:

  • Seek an investment option with lower fees
  • Prefer the lower tracking error of ETFs vs. their indexes
  • Desire relative tax advantages of ETF structure*

Align your risk tolerance with a desired level of return

Portfolios in our Tactical ETF Strategies span a broad risk-return spectrum. We do the research for you, providing a high level of diversification across asset classes to meet various investment goals:

  • Stability-focused seeks growth within a risk budgeting framework attempting to manage the risk of loss. These portfolios are managed to drawdown targets, with the objective of avoiding a loss that exceeds the target percentage under most market conditions.
  • Income-focused seeks total return with an emphasis on income.
  • Growth-focused seeks long-term growth in line with the broad equity and fixed-income markets.