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Private client strategies

Access some of the world’s best managers with SEI’s Private Client Strategies. With exposure across equity, fixed income, multi-asset, and cash asset classes, our Strategies provide a core investment solution designed to meet a wide variety of investor goals, with an aim of maximizing returns, limiting volatility, and managing investment risk.

Our suite of nine mutual fund strategies fall into three groups that meet the needs of investors focused on stability, income, and growth. All strategies are also available as tax-managed option to maximize after-tax returns as part of an overall investment approach.

  • Stability-focused strategies – seek growth within a risk budgeting framework attempting to manage the risk of loss. These portfolios are managed to drawdown targets, with the objective of avoiding a loss that exceeds the target percentage under most market conditions.*
  • Income-focused strategies – seek total return with an emphasis on income.
  • Growth-focused strategies – seek long-term growth in line with the broad equity and fixed-income markets.