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  • Aug

    The Relationship Business: Expect the Unexpected

    At its heart, wealth management is a service business built on the power of personal relationships. According to SEI sponsored research, investor perception of the client-manager relationship entails far more than just the one-on-one interaction with their wealth managers [... More]

  • Jul

    Objectivity and the Client Experience

    Clients place great importance on their wealth manager's ability to listen to them and gain a deep understanding of their needs. What does objectivity really mean? How can wealth managers communicate objectivity to their clients? [... More]

  • Jul

    Independence: The Right Standard?

    The financial crisis left lasting effects on the wealth management industry. Today's investors expect more from their wealth managers than ever before. What impacts do their increasing demands have on your business? [... More]

  • Jun

    Tackling Transparency

    Tackling Transparency is the first in a series of five articles about the lasting effects the financial crisis has had on the wealth management industry. What does transparency truly means to your clients? Find out how to focus on the quality, not the quantity, of your reporting. [... More]

  • Feb

    Commentary: The Five Stages of Greece

    Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is best known for her theoretical model of The Five Stages of Grief, which holds that, when faced with a catastrophic loss, most individuals pass through five distinct emotional stages—Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Interestingly, Greece’s experience as a member of the single-currency eurozone appears to be following a similar trajectory. [... More]

  • Feb

    A Market Gone Bad: How Are Pensions Around the World Responding?

    The Pension Management Research Panel recently conducted a global Quick Poll of pension executives from five markets, examining the extent of the impact last year had on organisations managing pensions and how they are responding to ongoing worldwide investment volatility. [... More]

  • May

    War for Talent Whitepaper

    SEI conducted two surveys in 2007 to identify the most important factors influencing a firm's ability to attract and retain high performing Relationship Managers. The first study targeted top executives within wealth management organizations, while the second study sought the opinions of RMs themselves. [... More]