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Managing your wealth doesnít have to be complicated. Thatís because the only relevant metric of success is progress towards your unique goals Ė for yourself, your family, and your community.



Male Speaker: The SEI client discovery process evolved from an unmet need.

Greg Dienna: Of course, clients expect and appreciate smart money management from us; but over time, we realized what you really need from us are answers.

Male Speaker: Answers to questions like: if we sell the business, how much capital will we need to sustain our lifestyle; how do I have a real impact on my community, and how do I have an impact on the causes I care about? How will we know when our kids will be ready to manage whatís in their trusts? And the question behind all the other questions, how can I be sure if I havenít missed something?

You donít find answers to questions like these on a spreadsheet; you uncover them by sitting down face to face with a family and listening closely, running scenarios, explaining trade offs, demonstrating success in your terms, and then executing the plan to achieve it. Thatís why we developed the Discovery Board, our process for determining your strategy.

The Discovery Board was designed in collaboration with the behavioral psychologists. Through it, we identify intent before we develop financial technique, not just who you will bequeath your money to, but what you hope they will achieve with it.

At the end of this process, we have a beginning, the basis of a plan that addresses all your needs and answers all your questions; but how do you know if itís working?

Greg Dienna: So SEI has innovated both the way we help you set your goals and in the way we measure your progress toward those goals. Instead of just reporting balances and transactions, the SEI system tracks liquid, nonliquid, cash, and third-party assets, all your financial resources. Then it organizes those resources against your goals and shows their impact towards your progress. We canít find a competitor doing what we do.

Male Speaker: Itís real transparency. So not only do you know if itís working, you know how itís working. You are now empowered to make better decisions.


Your challenge

Itís one thing to manage your money intelligently. But itís those unanswered questions (or those you never thought to ask) that can lead you to wonder:

How can I be sure I havenít missed anything?

And itís that question that can cause you to put off decisions and actions.

Our unique approach

By leading you through a strategic process Ė anchored by more than seven years of behavioral finance, consumer and industry research Ė we work to bridge the gap between your goals and the wealth youíve set aside to attain them.

We look at everything:

  • Conducting in-depth discovery that uncovers personal intent, analyzes your full balance sheet, and considers liabilities
  • Running ďwhat ifĒ scenarios to determine the impact of changes to your goals
  • Explaining trade-offs in your terms to aid in decision-making
  • Organizing your resources towards your goals for self, family and community
  • Constructing the right set of measurements to judge progress

Why the approach matters

Armed with a more complete picture of your wealth, you are empowered with:

  • A personally relevant, unbiased plan implemented through an extensive network of managers and experts (ours and yours)
  • Increased†confidence that you know what to do and when do to it Ė with advice focused on achieving your desired outcomes
  • Complete organization of all your investments, assets, cash flow and important documents securely provided via web to you, your family, and your advisors.
  • The reassurance that comes with knowing someone is helping you manage the risks that you actually worry about Ė like making bad decisions, not knowing what you donít know, and adversely impact family dynamics.

Get started

If youíre looking for a more coherent, transparent approach to your wealth, the SEI Private Wealth Management Team wants to help you build and execute your wealth strategy:

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