Monitoring Progress

Traditional measures of investment performance – while important – do not go far enough. We believe in tracking progress towards your goals.



Female Speaker: With the reports you receive today, you are left with a tremendous amount of detailed data; but you really don’t know if you are going to be okay because the data is often disorganized, coming at you from different directions and sources. It should be easier, and it is. SEI collects this data, groups it, and then filters it, matching it to how you think, to your priorities, and to you.

Male Speaker: Your data is filtered into three levels of information available to you online. The details level lists every expense, every transaction. The summary level features the financial drivers, and the decision level is the one pager you need.

Female Speaker: Now I know if I’m spending more or less than I planned.

Male Speaker: If my investments are keeping me on track.

Female Speaker: Now I know if I’ve given my kids the right amount.

Male Speaker: And what decisions I need to make.

Female Speaker: Now I know if I can make my money last. My kids are okay.

Male Speaker: I am on track.


Your challenge

Data without context is just numbers. It’s hard to tell if you’re “winning” and it’s really hard to know if you are missing something. In order to make the most effective, impactful decisions around your wealth, you need a clear, comprehensive understanding of all your financial resources. This is not always easy to get.

Our unique approach

We get you organized and in control of your wealth, including:

What you have. We aggregate and gather information on your:

  • Financials – third party, balance sheet, income, expenses, transactions, cash flow, liquid and insurance
  • Business assets
  • Non-liquid assets

We then reconcile and organize them, providing them to you and your advisors in the form of clear, actionable reports.

How you’re doing. Personalized goal-oriented reporting provides insight into how well (or not so well) your resources and wealth are doing to meet your objectives.

Because we help you set clear benchmarks for your specific goals, you get clear reporting for each goal. This helps you determine if you are:

  • On track - Meeting your defined targets for financial and personal success
  • Making the right decisions - Effectively aligning resources to support your lifestyle, family and community goals
  • Identifying key trade-offs - Easily seeing trade-offs, the impact of cash, markets, and spending on your portfolio

A comprehensive view of your wealth

We aggregate all of your account information from third-party providers, hedge funds, and private equity investments into a single technology solution. All of your financial information is stored securely online-- Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Insurance Policies, and Tax Returns.

This holistic view, combined with the contextualized reporting per goal, adds more meaning to:

  • Financial management reports, such as net worth and cash flow statements
  • Cash flow management
  • Liquidity management
  • Statement of net worth (trended and pool)
  • Source and use of cash
  • Tax estimating

Get started

If you’re ready to go beyond traditional reporting and track progress towards your goals: