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SEI’s 40 years of innovation and leadership in the investment industry includes building customized portfolios designed to meet specific client objectives. The process, called goals-based investing, focuses on active asset allocation, is designed to manage investment risk in relation to a goal, and provides access to third-party specialist managers.



Male Speaker: You are where you come from, and just as you are the product of your life experience and the people who influenced you, so is SEI. Because we have over 40 years of experience, we have emerged as a leader in investment thinking. In our case, as one of the world’s largest manager of managers, we enjoy a degree of access to high-level market insight that is unsurpassed.

And, by merging that global economic perspective with the very specific data we’ve gathered about who you are and what you want, a strategy emerges that is dynamic, resilient, and unique to you.

Dynamic because we actively manage your portfolio based on six predetermined variables to exploit opportunities and negate risks. In real-world terms, this ongoing active management may translate into measurable increases in after-tax returns.

Resilient because the objectives-based portfolio is designed to weather shifts in market conditions. Our work has consistently proven clients with objective portfolios are more able to avoid acting on impulse during adverse situations.

And unique because every instrument in your portfolio has been chosen on the basis of how it can help to achieve the very specific goals and intentions you’ve shared with us. Now you have an investment strategy that is in step with your intentions.


Your challenge

Each investment you make has a desired outcome and different conditions – one size does not fit all. Yet, investment professionals typically offer you one portfolio (or a standard allocation) to meet very different financial needs. Are you taking proper advantage of the opportunities in both the traditional and alternative capital markets to meet your personal financial needs?

Our unique approach

We identify your needs and merge our global economic perspective to build a portfolio to meet your expected outcomes. Your strategy will be:

  • Dynamic – with active portfolio management that help exploit opportunities and helps mitigate risk
  • Resilient – with an objectives-based portfolio designed to weather shifts in market conditions
  • Unique – as your customized portfolio strategies are tied to achieving your specific goals and intentions

This approach is different – and significant – because it:

  • Aligns assets, cash streams and investment strategies to improve the likelihood of accomplishing a goal
  • Gives you access to institutional managers and boutique firms not otherwise available to you
  • Helps diversify risk and manage tax impact on your portfolios

In the end, we don't have a stake in the product you choose, we have a stake in the outcome you achieve.

Supporting your vision

Investment management is more than simply beating a benchmark or finding the next great investment opportunity. It’s ensuring that your assets are there to support the vision you have.

SEI Private Wealth Management clients take advantage of:  

  • Customized portfolio construction
  • Asset allocation and style diversification
  • Multi-managed portfolios
  • Risk management
  • Alternative investments
  • Tax-efficient investment and transition strategies
  • Stock option planning
  • Wealth preservation strategies

Get started

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