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Our teamís focus starts and ends with your life and legacy. We apply advanced technology, economic theory, creativity and behavioral science to create a unique, flexible model that considers where you are, where youíre going, and what will happen after youíre gone. SEIís Chairman and CEO Al West explains in this brief video.



Male Speaker: If you look too closely, you might be missing the big picture. Thereís more to you and your financial picture than any given moment can reveal. So how can a traditional financial institution capture the full scope of your financial world in a single snapshot?

The answer is, it canít. Thatís because itís a composite of where youíve been, where you are, where youíre going, and what will happen after youíre gone.

This is the international headquarters of SEI, a financial services company that doesnít look, think, or act like one. Here on this campus and on others like it throughout the world, a new way of thinking about personal wealth management has emerged, one that combines advanced technology, economic theory, creativity, behavioral science, and an even more unorthodox technique, listening.

Susan West: What makes our approach different is not just the computer models we employ or the global insight (NOISE) we have into the financial marketplace.

Jeffrey Ladouceur: Itís how we collaborate. Put the ideas and people who matter most to you at the center of your wealth management strategy.

Joseph Mukurazita: And how, between your knowledge and ours, we will ensure that when all is said and done, youíve made a difference.

Al West: The first thing that people tell us when they visit our campus is, ďThis doesnít look like a traditional financial services company.Ē We tell them, ďThatís because it isnít.Ē The difference that really matters is the one we can make in the lives and legacies of our customers.



Our Private Wealth Management team includes experts in the fields of:

Extending your network to your peers

Wealth can be isolating Ė you may know a few people who are dealing with your same challenges and opportunities.

As an SEI Private Wealth Management client, you not only have access to our internal experts, you can choose to network with other individuals and families like yours. We act as an exchange for our clients -- passing on our shared experience working with families and connecting like-minded individuals upon request. We believe that a problem shared is often a problem solved -- and a good way to mitigate the risk of a badly informed decision.

Award-winning track record

Our approach has gotten us noticed:

  • NABCAP Premier Advisor Award, which recognizes elite advisory practices in the greater Philadelphia area (2011)
  • Smart CEO magazineís Reader choice Award (2011)
  • Spearís WMS Wealth Management Award, Wealth Management Innovator of the year (2009)

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