Discovery Process

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Have you actually considered your wealth in the context of your life? It’s not as simple as you might think. You likely have some vision of your goals, but have you clearly articulated them to your spouse and children? Are you accounting for all the moving parts in your life?

Our unique discovery process can help you:

  • See what’s possible
  • Weigh choices
  • Create a shared vision with clear priorities.
  • Feel better connected with your spouse and family

Goals first, financials second

Our Discovery Board encourages you to use your imagination and really talk about what you want. With it, individuals identify and prioritize their life goals by placing “goal cards” in quadrants that represent a specific priority: Have to Now, Have to Later, Want to Now, Want to Later.

We facilitate, generate discussion, ask questions and take notes. We’ll even share the collective experiences of hundreds of other families like yours. In the end, individuals report feeling a sense of accomplishment and a more clear road map for their future.

We then pair what’s learned from the Discovery Board with quantitative data, such as cash flow and assets and liabilities. Armed with this fresh perspective, you can quickly identify and act upon any misalignments, opportunities, or risks.

An empowering process

Our clients tell us the process helps them:

  • Identify, articulate and prioritize common and individual goals
  • Better understand their partners’ thoughts and opinions
  • Get agreement on “key” priorities – self, family and community
  • Get insights from the shared experiences of other families like their own

Recognized by clients and industry

We’ve been using our Discovery Board with clients since 2004 with success. Why? Because it’s the first time that their lives and wealth have intersected in a meaningful way.

In 2009, it contributed to SEI being named Wealth Management Innovator of the Year at the Spears Wealth Management Awards in London.

Get started

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