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of poll participants

use an outside provider such as an investment consultant or outsourcing provider such as OCIO


Those currently using an OCIO identified the value provided as:

  • 97% asset allocation changes
  • 77% money manager hiring/firing


of poll participants

said aligning asset allocation strategy with spending goals was a priority.

Foundations and Endowments

Align investment strategy with nonprofit mission & goals

Many nonprofits are considering investment outsourcing options, like OCIO, to help their investment portfolio better support their mission. An OCIO provider can help the investment portfolio stay on track through:

  • An established program that brings leading independent institutional managers and significant economies of scale
  • An effective spending policy that protects the long-term viability of assets
  • A clear governance process to ensure investment decisions are properly vetted   


News article: Outsourced CIO Adoption Expected to Grow Amongst Nonprofits

A strategy to meet your goals

We bring a team of dedicated nonprofit specialists and 25+ years of discretionary investment management experience. Our OCIO solution delivers:

  • An investment policy that aligns with your mission
  • Custom asset allocation that integrates spending policy, liquidity and hurdle rates
  • Actively managed portfolios to take advantage of market opportunities
  • Risk management through sophisticated modeling and scenario testing
  • Flexible implementation across managers, type of investment vehicle and level of discretionary delegation

A time-tested investment approach

We combine leading independent investment managers with differentiated investment processes to help achieve maximum diversification. Our investment professionals take on the responsibility of the research, selection, evaluation, and replacement of those managers. You leverage our extensive infrastructure – established process, experienced team, and innovative technology – in your investment portfolio with:

  • Timely decision-making that allows for prompt changes to take advantage of market swings
  • Simplified execution with managers on deck, ready to be included in the program
  • A dedicated team accountable for monitoring, oversight and due diligence on your behalf

Reduce your administrative burden

With SEI managing the day-to-day operations of your portfolio, you’re free to focus on strategic decisions critical to the growth of your organization. We handle your administrative tasks, like reporting and planned giving support. Learn more

A commitment to nonprofits

Since taking on investment discretion for our first client, SEI has remained committed to our nonprofit clients. SEI sponsors the Nonprofit Management Research Panel to bring you the latest trends and priorities identified by your peers. Other nonprofit activities include:

  • Client-only nonprofit symposium
  • Active membership/participation with highly respected industry groups like Council on Foundations and NACUBO
  • Giving back to our clients by contributing $1.6 million to client causes in 2015

SEI nonprofit expert Mary Jane Bobyock brings 26+ years of experience delivering custom solutions to institutional clients in the nonprofit community. To learn more about how SEI and Mary Jane can bring your organization a custom strategy, ask us a question below.

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