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Fiduciary Management

A discretionary outsourcing model from one of the first and largest fiduciary managers

As the demand for guidance and accountability increases, institutional investors require greater levels of fiduciary management and discretion. By engaging a provider of outsourced investment services, like a fiduciary manager, you gain:

  • Faster decision making  
  • Added expertise in the face of complex, volatile markets   
  • Improved risk management 
  • Better strategies to meet your overall goals 
  • Increased fiduciary accountability

Key components

There are several terms for discretionary outsourcing models in the marketplace, but core services that they deliver are similar. Most models include: 

  • Discretion for investment decision making
  • Investment policy guidance
  • Economic research and capital markets advice
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Account-level monitoring and reporting

Why outsource to SEI's fiduciary management solution?

  • Flexible levels of discretion to meet client demand. As a flexible fiduciary manager, we offer discretion options that range from investment manager-related decisions, like manager selection and replacement, to modifying the asset allocation within established bands through active management of assets.
  • Established model and long-term track record, with over 20 years providing discretionary investment management.
  • Highly-customized asset allocation that is closely monitored and adjusted as needed to help meet your specific goals.
  • Scale and resources, allowing you to access best-of-breed institutional investment managers and products. We make significant investments in research, risk management tools, and talented investment professionals.
  • Ongoing oversight and transparency for appropriate due diligence and timely decision making, with a transparent view of portfolios to track progress against goals.
  • Recently ranked by Pensions & Investments as one of the top four largest outsourcers based on worldwide institutional outsourced assets under management.

As of one of the first and largest providers of Fiduciary Management, we have solutions specifically designed for defined benefit and defined contribution plans, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, and unions and governments.

Do you want to better predict the impact of investments decisions on your organization’s finances? As a fiduciary manager, we offer a complementary Financial Management Analysis to qualifying prospects. Contact us.