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Investment Implementation

An open architecture platform

As a Fiduciary Manager, SEI delivers global investment management through an open architecture investment implementation. Our team of approximately 90 investment professionals has a track record of 20-plus years of selecting and monitoring institutional investment managers and incorporating them into client investment portfolios.

With a heritage of selecting institutional investment managers, we take responsibility for closely monitoring the managers and implementing timely manager changes. That means your committee can focus on key strategic areas, such as evaluating new asset classes and monitoring overall progress against goals.

SEI’s open architecture investment platform is designed to provide:

  • Nimble, timely decision making to take advantage of market opportunities
  • Active investment management that includes our point of view
  • Risk management and monitoring
  • Flexible levels of discretion

Flexible investment implementation

Our investment implementation is customized to your unique needs. Our open architecture program brings you flexibility in:

  • Levels of delegation – we can take discretion over manager selection and replacement decisions, or we can take full discretion for both manager selection and replacement decisions and asset allocation decisions
  • Manager sourcing – choose from institutional managers sourced by SEI or integrate other incumbent managers into the portfolio
  • Investment styles – we can incorporate active investment management or passive investment management strategies
  • Investment vehicles – your portfolio can include separate account management, commingled vehicles or both