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Union & Government

SEI is the largest OCIO for Union pension plans, with 51 Union clients, representing $9.9 billion in AUM*.

* Distinction based on competitive research utilizing publicly available information as of 6/30/2017. Largest based on number of union clients, and/or based on unionclient assets under management in SEI’s OCIO program for which SEI has discretion for money manager hiring and replacement decisions on behalf of those clients.

Many multiemployer plan sponsors are looking for more effective ways to manage pension plans. With increased scrutiny, public plans address governance, investment, and funding challenges, leaving many to look for a partner that can help ease these concerns. As the largest OCIO with 25+ years of experience, we deliver solutions that can help you make:

  • Better decisions backed with industry-expert advisory services
  • Changes more quickly, as we monitor your portfolio and strategy  

Proactive advisory services and modeling

Your custom strategy will include:

  • Ongoing goals-based advisory support with annual asset/liability studies
  • Plan modeling that demonstrates potential outcomes of key decisions
  • Multi-level risk analysis and scenario testing
  • Recommendations based on our active view

Flexible options for discretionary investment management

Through our time-tested investment process, we bring scale, expertise, and flexibility to investment management. We staff approximately 100 global investment professionals and spend a significant amount annually on research tools and technology for investment management. Your portfolio will be:

  • Managed by some of the leading institutional asset managers
  • Provided in a risk-managed framework

Through our flexible program, you choose the level of discretion that best reflects your goals and risk tolerances ranging from:

  • Discretion over manager selection and replacement
  • Discretion and accountability for asset allocation decisions

Administrative efficiency

Our integrated solution brings the right combination of services to meet your needs. We can handle all transactions and administrative burdens, freeing you to focus on strategy decisions that are critical to the health of your plan.

An integrated approach

Our comprehensive approach to pension management that takes historically disconnected processes and integrates them into one solution to:

  • Support timely, nimble decision-making 
  • Enable proactive risk management and monitoring
  • Provide more consistent investment results

We will serve as a partner to incorporate a customized solution unique to your financial goals and objectives. Contact us to learn more.