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Defined Contribution Plans

A focus on improving retirement income outcomes for defined contribution plan participants and plan sponsors

As defined contribution (DC) plans become the primary source for retirement income, we see that many DC plan participants are ill-equipped to reach retirement goals. The good news - there are actions a plan sponsor can take to improve outcomes for their workforce. This requires a change in mindset about defined contribution plans from secondary to primary retirement vehicles to help participants meet their retirement income liabilities.

Help your participants improve their retirement income by partnering with SEI to:

  • Leverage sophisticated defined benefit techniques, like asset/liability modeling, risk management, and broader asset class diversification, rather than traditional single-manager mutual fund offerings
  • Utilize plan design strategies that improve the probability of better outcomes for your employees, including simplifying the investment lineup to allow for easier participant decision making
  • Implement custom or prepackaged target date strategies designed to deliver tighter, more predictable return bands by aligning the asset profile with participant liability to better match eventual distribution needs

We have a three-tiered approach to focus on your goals. Specifically, we:

  1. Define your retirement program objectives and the role of the DC plan in meeting them. To help you set goals, our strategic advice process factors in your entire benefits program, financial sensitivities, participant demographics and a thorough analysis of your participants’ retirement liabilities.
  2. Design a custom solution to increase the probability of achieving the desired outcomes.  Our open architecture platform provides you access to leading institutional asset managers and a full range of active and passive strategies across domestic and international equities, fixed income and alternative investments.  These managers are then packaged into simplified investment menu options for your participants in broad asset class portfolios and target date funds.
  3. Deliver efficient ongoing solution management through varying levels of discretion delegated to SEI to help reduce your fiduciary risk and oversight burden.  We make seamless adjustments in underlying investment managers and provide ongoing monitoring of your portfolio in either custom target date and white label funds or prepackaged investment solutions.

This approach:

  • Ensures your unique risks and priorities define your plan strategy
  • Factors all considerations into our proven modeling and stress testing scenarios to determine impacts
  • Incorporates an active point-of-view to capture market opportunities
  • Delivers efficient ongoing management so you can focus on company goals

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Managing Director of Defined Contribution Business, Scott Brooks, brings nearly 25 years of investment experience to our DC offering. Learn more about how Scott and our flexible approach can help your participants achieve retirement success. 

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