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Defined Contribution Plans

Help defined contribution plan participants
achieve retirement saving goals

While defined contribution (DC) plans have become the primary retirement saving vehicle offered by employers, many participants are not prepared to reach retirement goals. In fact, based on a study conducted by the Society of Actuaries, 70% of DC participants are not projected to meet their retirement income goals.

Whether it’s lack of investment knowledge, an overwhelming choice of investment options, or uncertainty around creating an appropriate asset allocation, participants need guidance to reach their income goals. We believe traditional defined benefit strategies and professional investment oversight can help. DB plans are managed against a specific liability and have, in fact, outperformed defined contribution plans.*

A DB approach to DC plan management
As a market leader in DB plan management, SEI believes there are several aspects of our DB approach that contribute to more successful plans:

  • Diversification – broad asset class exposure with access to non-traditional and alternative investments
  • Multi-manager –professionally managed allocations across top-tier institutional managers with no blackout period required during manager changes
  • Lower fees – favorable pricing through institutional managers and economies of scale
  • Risk management – sophisticated risk management and modeling approaches
  • Dynamic asset managementactive asset allocation and portfolio management to take advantage of short-term market opportunities
  • Plan liability focus – investment strategy connected to the future income needs of your participants

These approaches have all been integrated within our Fiduciary Management solution for DC plans. You gain enhanced employee satisfaction through an easily implemented DC program. The solution includes:

Advisory Services – ongoing plan oversight and tangible suggestions to help improve participant results.

Target Date/Custom Target Date – glidepath implementation tied to participant demographics leverages SEI’s liability experience and DB practices.

Multi-Manager/Custom Multi-Manager Funds – enhanced diversification across industry-leading managers and asset classes for timely changes within the fund without participant disruptions.

SEI’s DC solution helps your participants stay on track to meet their retirement income goals, while you, as the sponsor, are more likely to meet your obligations as a plan fiduciary.

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Defined Contribution advice expert, Joel Lieb, brings over 20 years of investment experience to our DC offering. Learn more about how Joel and our flexible approach can help your participants achieve retirement success.

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*Towers Watson, “DB vs DC Investment Returns: The 2009-2011 Update”, May 2013.