Defined Contribution

Help Participants Achieve Retirement Saving Goals

Defined contribution (DC) plans have become the primary retirement saving vehicle offered by employers, but 70% of participants are not projected to meet their retirement income goals.* Why? Too many fund choices. A lack of investment knowledge. Improper investments in their retirement asset allocation. Your participants need guidance, good investment strategies and plan design to help them meet their challenges and retire on time. In fact, in our latest poll, 93% of sponsors said they have a fiduciary responsibility to make every effort to provide the best investment options possible. Read poll results.

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Your Role as a Fiduciary

Your focus should be on the most critical matters like plan design, QDIA and the selection of investment options. Delegating other responsibilities to an independent fiduciary like SEI often makes sense. The Department of Labor allows plans to delegate functions like investment manager selection, monitoring and replacement.

We offer you:

  • Resources and support to help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities
  • Institutional managers available to participants with lower fees due to institutional pricing and economies of scale
  • Reduced liability in the event of litigation because many responsibilities are passed along to a provider with an established prudent process as an independent fiduciary


Menu Simplification

A simple fund lineup to promote better decision making. Most plans offer 16-36 funds,** which can overwhelm participants, resulting in a potential decline in participation. Our white label custom offerings bring a simplified menu with enhanced diversification. More on menu simplification

Your participants benefit from:

  • Simple, objective-focused strategy names with institutional asset class construction and multiple managers
  • Institutional managers available to participants with lower fees due to institutional pricing and economics of scale
  • Seamless manager changes with no interruption to the participants

Custom Target Date

Position your participants with more opportunity for success. We build and maintain custom multi-manager target date strategies actively managed on your behalf, and feature the best institutional investment managers that we can find. More on target date

You'll get:

  • Risk management and diversification through blending multiple managers and asset classes, including active and/or passive investments
  • Cost effective and easy to implement with separate accounts, mutual funds or collective trusts
  • Custom asset allocation and glidepath tied to participant demographics, portfolio optimization and sponsor objectives

Goals-Focused Approach

You can better prepare your participants to and through retirement by connecting investment strategy and plan design to their future income, helping to ensure that income shortfall (liabilities) is matched over time. More on goals-focused

We can help with:

  • Professional assessment by SEI’s Advisory Team, who takes an in-depth look at your plan and employee demographics
  • Custom liability analysis and projection of “funding” status for your DC plan
  • Ongoing plan oversight and tangible suggestions to help improve participant results

Solution Options

Our DC solution options are designed to help your participants stay on track to meet their retirement income needs, while you as the sponsor are more likely to meet your obligations as the plan fiduciary.

Participant Benefits

  • Improved outcomes
    Potential to improve replacement ratio/ability to retire on time, through increased participation and contribution rates
  • Simplification
    Reduced number of menu choices
  • Diversification
    Wide range of asset classes and investment managers

Sponsor Benefits

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
    Potential to improve participation rates and participant asset allocations
  • Reduced complexity
    Ease of implementation and improved governance
  • Improved value
    Reduced cost/better value



*Society of Actuaries

**SEI DC Poll, "Part 2: Defined Contribution Trends," June 2014