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Defined Benefit Plans

Whether your plan is active and accruing benefits, frozen and working toward a termination, or you are considering lump sum term-vested payouts, you need to understand your investment risks and market opportunities to meet pension and enterprise goals. We are one of the largest fiduciary managers, and have a 25-plus year track record delivering institutional asset management solutions.

Building a Custom Strategy

By integrating assets, liabilities and corporate finance into a robust platform, we build a custom pension strategy. We perform:

  • Comprehensive strategic advisory services supported by ongoing asset/liability studies
  • Advanced scenario testing to help identify the potential impacts of investment decisions
  • Stress testing to support risk management and monitoring
  • Custom Liability Driven Investing (LDI) and de-risking strategies


Connect pension de-risking with corporate finance health
Learn more about this timely topic and how to evaluate corporate risk factors.
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A Time-tested Approach

Using our time-tested investment process for researching and identifying institutional investment managers, we build portfolios that are designed to deliver consistent performance in a risk-managed framework. Our portfolios reflect our point of view on the markets and economy to capture opportunities over the short and long term. SEI can make recommendations or take on full fiduciary discretion for investment decisions if needed. We understand that plans have different needs, and can tailor our services to best suit your organization.  

Monitoring for Success

Our custom goals-based reports track progress towards goals. In addition to the usual risk and performance reporting, we provide a graphical snapshot of the plan’s funded status, impact on enterprise financials, and other key metrics.

Services Defined

We offer a comprehensive approach to pension management that takes historically disconnected processes and integrates them into one solution to:

  • Support timely, nimble decision-making
  • Enable proactive risk management and monitoring
  • Provide more consistent investment results

We will serve as a partner to incorporate a customized solution unique to your financial goals and objectives.