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2016 Nonprofit Survey

How Committee Members Strive to Make Every Dollar Count

In our latest survey, we asked more than 250 nonprofit executives a wide range of questions about issues that nonprofit organizations face today. The results are clear: It's more challenging than ever to meet financial goals while staying focused on the mission. Lack of resources and limited budgets mean organizations need to make every dollar count.

Survey Finding #1: Most nonprofits haven't experienced an increase in revenues from fundraising.

  • Specifically, 55% of participants reported flat or decreased fundraising revenues over the past three years. Yet 87% of nonprofits plan to spend the same or even increase spending in the next year.

Survey Finding #2: Most nonprofits are experiencing significant governance concerns.

  • Specifically, 34% of committees surveyed said that less than two people on the committee have investment experience. Rarely do they have extensive experience in alternative investment options.

How to alleviate financial challenges

It makes sense to implement an investment strategy that drives strong, sustainable, risk adjusted returns that helps support nonprofits financial obligations. Even though an organization may be lacking capabilities and resources internally, partnering with a large investment outsourcing organization like an OCIO can help build a better infrastructure, increase diversification and bring more access to more asset classes.

Get the report

These key statistics and many more will be included in the full survey report. We will release short topical results as segments prior to the full release. To receive each piece, please complete the form on the right.

Topical results include:

  • Investment Board and Committee Structure and Challenges
  • Fundraising
  • Investment Management
  • Spending Policies