Imagine It...Competitive Advantages Are Redefined

Today, innovation is moving the asset management industry forward while disrupting it at the same time. Firms that are open to new operating models, distribution concepts and ways of connecting to markets are likely to gain an advantage over traditionalists. Technology and regulatory change has accelerated pressure on all fronts — from pricing and risk management to reporting and product design.

SEI Investment Manager Services will help you imagine the future for your firm.

Our award-winning global operating platform has all the sophisticated, customizable capabilities it takes to transform your operations into a source of competitive advantage:

  • Seamlessly meshes best-of-breed technologies for streamlined investment processing, fund administration and data management.
  • Aggregates portfolio-, fund-, and investor-level data across investment securities, products and vehicles.
  • Builds in flexible, user-defined reporting for new business insights and more strategic decision-making while also satisfying regulatory requirements.
  • Reflects SEI's deep expertise in investment vehicles, securities, and the intricacies of fund accounting, valuation, settlement, reconciliation, and risk management.

SEI is also known for our abilities to manage complex implementations and conversions, build precisely tailored operating solutions, and help speed new products to market. Whatever your needs, our outsourced services will make your fund operations more efficient, scalable, and adaptable, equipping you to gain a competitive advantage.

SEI's IMS division today services more than $850 billion in assets and has a global workforce of approximately 1,000 industry specialists. Our clients are leading traditional, alternative, and sovereign wealth managers who understand that operational competitiveness lies at the core of business success. They currently represent more than $15.5 trillion in AUM including 35 of the top 100 money managers worldwide, according to Pensions & Investments' 2015 Largest Money Manager Ranking.

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