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With SEI's Manager Dashboard, make better decisions with flexible, aggregated online views of holdings, transactions and performance across multiple product lines

With so much data available to you, the Manager Dashboard helps to deliver information in a manner that is concise and meaningful by providing a single point of access to consolidated reports across all accounts and products. This allows you to:

  • View a range of data, including portfolio-, fund- and investor-level information
  • Track valuation progress with operational transparency into status of deliverables and processes
  • Gain efficiencies with 24/7 online availability
  • Use independent information for operational oversight and risk management
  • Customize views of the information most relevant to you or your team
  • Simplify the auditing process, as everything is stored electronically

The Dashboard features:

  • Consolidated reporting – data aggregation and normalization allows for accurate, insightful and customized reporting across products and asset classes
  • Customized user-defined content – roles-based views of fields and values permit users to see what’s important to them
  • Document management – internal operational and investor-specific documents are stored and available at your fingertips
  • Data access and storage – T+1 and historical reports are easily accessed
  • Leveraged best practices – new functionality and enhancements are added on an ongoing basis

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