Areas of Expertise


Collateral and Margin Management

Handle high volumes while maintaining prudent controls

Our collateral management solution helps you actively manage your credit risk more effectively by providing:

  • Independent collateral calculations
  • Margin management
  • Agreement management
  • Error-reducing automation
  • Daily reconciliation
  • Transparency into daily processes
  • Streamlined counterparty communication
  • Comprehensive, consolidated reporting

Why outsource collateral management to SEI?

Our scalable technology and comprehensive reporting enables you to:

  • Understand your counterparty exposures
  • Identify and resolve discrepancies faster
  • Eliminate error prone spreadsheets
  • Maintain oversight and control of the collateral management process without the costs associated with retaining an in-house solution
  • Add more counterparties without increasing operational risk
  • Streamline communications with counterparties

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