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Pricing and Verification

Address challenges in valuing your investments with independent and transparent asset pricing

By partnering with best-in-class pricing firms, we provide independent valuations which can be used as your primary price or as secondary verification. Our enhanced pricing solution includes:

  • Pricing coverage for a broad range of asset classes
  • Management of vendor relationships
  • Portfolio holdings and new trade identification
  • Robust pricing process and valuation reporting capabilities
  • Proven process and data controls
  • Pricing challenge facilitation
  • Valuation governance and audit support

Why outsource pricing to SEI?

With ever-increasing due diligence scrutiny, there is inherent risk in relying on internal models that cannot evolve as the markets change or as investors dictate. Our solution offers:

  1. Reliable and independent asset pricing
  2. Access to independent pricing and valuation models from a wide range of third-party pricing sources
  3. Greater transparency into the valuation process
  4. Flexibility to utilize client-approved pricing providers   

Contact us online, by phone +1 610.676.1270 or email: for a detailed product sheet or to talk to a member of our team about how we can help you provide more reliable and accurate valuations.