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Outsourcing fund accounting, fund administration, and other back office services is no longer just about cost-management or a “nice to have.” Keeping up operationally is a big part of the challenge facing investment organizations, but they are finding that their operations can also hold far-reaching solutions and offer tangible benefits.

With the right technologies, expertise, and thoughtful systems design, forward-looking managers can turn their infrastructure into a competitive advantage. Instead of being overwhelmed by the torrent of data streams and information demands from portfolio managers, investors and regulators alike, we will use our industry knowledge, accounting expertise and technology resources to continually incorporate the latest advances for your benefit.

Return your focus to attracting clients, generating better returns, and running a profitable business. Our outsourcing services will help you:

Grow without slowing down   |   Run your business better  |  Protect your firm  |  Give your investors what they want  |  Get your funds to market faster

Grow without slowing down 

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain an enterprise-grade system, scaled to your needs, with specialist teams for different investment products.
  • Employ the latest technologies without having to build, buy or maintain them
  • Keep your staff focused on generating revenue
  • Eliminate the need to switch from an administrator you’ve outgrown

How do we do it?

  1. We’re built for your growth. Spikes in trading activity? No problem. Ready to go broader, or deeper? We’re already set up to scale to your changing needs.
  2. Seamless integration of best-of-breed third party technology. We have experts who research and understand technologies in the marketplace, and determine how they can work together. Then we combine them for maximum operational efficiency and accuracy, so your daily operations run smoothly.
  3. Operational stability. In uncharted – and potentially volatile – waters, experience matters. Whether you’re focused on mutual funds, separate accounts, hedge or private equity – or anything in between – you can hit the ground running because we’ve already paved the way.

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Run your business better

  • Leverage consistently applied processes
  • Transform data into meaningful insight for improved decision making
  • Customize reporting the way you want it, when you want it
  • Quickly launch new products to evolve your offering or meet investors’ needs

How do we do it?

  1. An automated process flow. Proprietary workflow technology triggers steps along the operational process, and captures an audit trail to deliver additional transparency and oversight.
  2. Experience administering a wide range of funds. The product lineup you have today may not be what you need tomorrow, let alone years from now. We have the appropriate systems and experience across a range of different products and structures — UCITS, QIAIFs, collective investment trusts, U.S.-registered '40 Act funds, mutual fund series trust, exchange-traded funds, hedge, private equity and real estate vehicles, as well as institutional and separately managed (wrap) accounts, to name a few — so we can support your growth, no matter how it evolves.
  3. Differentiated data management. Managers need reliable, relevant data in order to effectively manage their risk, grow their business, and make well-informed decisions. Aggregation and normalization is critical. In our comprehensive data management model, we start by normalizing and validating the data, apply quality controls to ensure consistency and accuracy, then deliver the data in meaningful context via SEI's Manager Dashboard and a variety of other means and methods.

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Protect your firm

  • Maintain the integrity of the investment process by separating the doers from the reviewers
  • Reduce the vulnerabilities of governance
  • Reduce your reliance on manual processes, and decrease the probability of errors or losses
  • Eliminate your reliance on spreadsheets, which are prone to inefficiencies, human error, and viruses
  • Reduce the cost, resource drain, and stress associated with your annual audit process

How do we do it?

  1. Independent audits. You’ve got an independent third party providing the rigorous due diligence work you need to support your compliance agenda.  This way, we can work with your chosen audit firm to deliver reports accurately, on time, and without unnecessary communications back and forth.
  2. A solid infrastructure. We integrate the latest and best technology enhancements for compliance, risk management, valuation and tax, and investor reporting with the SunGard and Advent accounting engines to provide you with a robust industrial-grade platform.
  3. Compliance and legal support. We support the efforts of your CCO with a dedicated focus on risk management and compliance, including Form PF reporting, internal audits and SOC I reports.
  4. Workflow.  Your automated process flow audit trail is based on industry best practices, while allowing for and integrating your specific needs. Think you have that now? You’ll find that we do it with more granularity and across more areas than most.

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Give your investors and relevant third parties what they want

  • Provide information faster, in more detail, and more consistently
  • Increase their comfort in the numbers from an independent third party
  • Offer instant access to the information they need in the way they need it, the moment they request it

How do we do it?

  1. An investor reporting website. We’ve incorporated document management, investor communication tools, and investor data views into a secure, user-friendly, online application.
  2. Nimble adaptation to growing investor reporting expectations. You can provide your clients with NAV disclosure and transparency features such as asset and liability verification, pricing analysis, and FAS 157 classification breakdown.
  3. Solutions based on exhaustive independent research. Actionable business intelligence drives our development, and helps you craft more competitive business strategies.  

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Get your funds to market faster

  • Leverage consistently applied processes
  • Learn and benefit from what has and hasn’t worked from our wide range of clients
  • Incorporate best practices and process improvements
  • Rely on the expertise of our network of internal and external experts

How do we do it?

  1. Expertise across a variety of products. We’ve worked with clients to launch hundreds of products across domiciles, jurisdictions and product types. You get the benefit of our knowledge and our network of internal and external experts.
  2. An environment conducive to fast decision-making. The physical design of our workspaces should look familiar – it's like your trading desk. We’ve got clear lines of sight and access to management and each other, so we can be responsive to your daily needs.
  3. An automated process flow. One step triggers the next, while capturing the audit trail. You can launch your product confident in the operational process procedures supporting them.

Contact us online, by phone +1 610.676.1270 or email for a detailed product sheet or to talk to a member of our team about how we can help you regain your focus.