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The Socially Savvy Advisor

Know why social media works for savvy advisors?

Because it puts you where today’s high net worth investors are — online, using social media to influence their personal investment decisions1. What better place to be than where you have a clear view into their lives. A view you can’t get in between your regularly scheduled client review meetings..

But do you know how to maximize your social effort for real results?

  • Stay in contact with clients—and be there for their marriages, births, retirements and more
  • Identify and network with prospects
  • Deepen client relationships by sharing educational content and industry trends
  • Feed a new source of referrals into your sales pipeline

Download our free toolkit and learn how you can grow your business with easy-to-implement tactics, and how you can avoid the pitfalls. Plus, find out how to set up a strong plan for social media success.

For more information, contact an SEI Advisor Network Consultant at 888-734-2679.

1Institutional Investing: How Social Media Informs and Shapes the Investing Process, Greenwich Associates, April 16, 2015, Daniel J Connell

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