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Fees at a Crossroads Report

Adopting an advisory fee model that reflects your true value

Our industry is at a crossroads, and you may feel like your business is in the crosshairs. Can you justify an ongoing AUM fee when automated solutions are driving costs down, or should you take a new look at your value proposition?

Maybe it’s time to determine whether a different kind of pricing makes more sense for you and your clients—a model that pays you for the true value you provide: your advice.

Find out what the experts say.

SEI Advisor Network experts John D. Anderson and Raef Lee, in conjunction with Bob Veres of Inside Information, have assessed the advisory fees landscape in our latest report, Fees at a Crossroads. In it, they discuss: 

  • What pressures you may be feeling in this changing environment
  • Shifting pricing trends
  • A roadmap for choosing the model that’s right for your business and your clients.  

Infographic: get the quick story 

View highlights from the report, including what to consider as you determine the best model for your practice and your clients. What action steps come next if you decide to make a change? 

Get the complete toolkit

Complete the form to receive the toolkit - Fees at a Crossroads: Adopting an advisory fee model that reflects your true value.  It includes the full report in addition to a printable infographic and our exclusive value proposition companion containing three key steps to unlocking your value.

For more information, please contact an SEI Advisor Network Consultant at 888-734-2679. 

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