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Say Goodbye to Awkward Referrals

Replacing the traditional "ask" with natural introductions.

Referrals are essential to growing your practice. But the traditional way of asking for them is dated and uncomfortable: your client takes on the burden of listing names and the risk of referring you.
Referrals:  It's Not Them, It's You.
There's a new approach that focuses on referrals as a natural part of an expanding client relationship. Download SEI’s Referrals: It's Not Them, It's You toolkit which includes: 

  • Advisor Article:   Referrals. A Better Approach. 
  • SEI Referrals Tracker:  Replace referrals with introductions for better results 
  • Developing COI Relationships Companion: Taking a systematic approach to cultivating COIs is key to success 

Gain control of the process and manage it to be a positive experience for your clients. Download your Referrals toolkit today.

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