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Webinar: Social Media for Financial Advisors

Few advisors question the benefits of online marketing, but many are at a loss for how to make it work in their practice.

SEI recently hosted a webinar entitled "Success. Go Social!" featuring John Anderson, managing director of SEI Practice Management Solutions, and Stephanie Sammons, founder of Wired Advisor™. This webinar focused on:

  • Aligning online credibility with your offline reputation
  • Developing a meaningful content strategy
  • Building onlnine influence through blogging and other social channels
  • Compying with the latest regulatory guidance



Webinar attendees received a free social media toolkit. You can request the kit by completing the form on the right.

Webinar content prepared and provided by Wired AdvisorTM, which is not affiliated with SEI.

Advisors should always consult their compliance departments before engaging in any electronic and/or social media. SEI Advisor Network is a strategic business unit of SEI. For intermediary use only.