SEI Knowledge Partnership


Exchange Traded Products: A Look Ahead

By SEI Knowledge Partnership

Research Brief: ETPs: A Look Ahead (PDF, 8 pages, 75KB)

The SEI Knowledge Partnership surveyed asset management executives to get their views on Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).  Survey questions were formulated in an effort to better understand managers’ perceptions of the market for ETPs, including:

  • Whether they planned to introduce their own ETPs
  • Factors critical to a successful launch
  • Asset classes and investment styles that show the most opportunity

SEI's survey found:

  • Fifty percent of managers with plans to launch exchange traded products view the DB/DC retirement market as the biggest opportunity for growth.
  • Firms planning to launch ETPs are more likely to offer equity products, than products based on commodities.
  • Legal and regulatory concerns are viewed as the number one barrier to entry into the market.

Are there still opportunities for newcomers on this increasingly crowded playing field? Why are some firms choosing to sit on the sidelines? And what can be learned from those that already manage ETPs? All of these questions and more are addressed in SEI’s research brief.

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