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Paradigm-shifting ideas — successfully implemented

For more than 40 years, SEI has anticipated changing market needs and created innovative business solutions designed to help clients meet the challenges of managing personal and institutional wealth.


SEI recognized the need for faster and better training in lending practices, and created the first computer-simulated training technology for loan officers.

The 1970s

When bank trust departments were still largely functioning as a “paper and pencil” business, SEI transformed the industry by developing a completely automated trust and investment accounting system.

The 1980s

SEI helped change the way people look at investing by integrating modern portfolio theory with comprehensive asset allocation models — a process that now is an investment cornerstone.

The 1990s

SEI launched a wealth management operating platform for independent, fee-based advisors, further transforming the marketplace by aligning advisors’ business interests with their clients’ investment success. 

SEI was also among the first companies to offer the Manager-of-Managers investment programs to both institutional and individual investors in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and Asia.

The 2000s

SEI introduced: 

  • A pension management solution that integrates pension decisions with corporate finance objectives, enabling corporate managers to more fully address how pensions impact their company’s financial position.
  • An all-encompassing infrastructure for investment managers called Total Operational Outsourcing that provides an integrated platform for the processing of all investment types.
  • Goal-based investment strategies that enable investment advisors to link specific investment strategies to an investor’s goals, each with different time horizons and risk profiles tolerances.
  • SEI Wealth Platform - for private banks and wealth management organizations, a comprehensive suite of services built around a single, unified platform and designed to support every facet of a global wealth management business. Today we process private banking business in 46 countries, transact in 33 currencies, and trade on over 100 exchanges.