Our Culture

  • What is the West Collection?

    The works of emerging artists are everywhere on our campus. They're a critical part of our lively, creative environment, designed to spark innovation.

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  • Art at Work

    At any given time, more than 1,500 pieces of cutting-edge art populate our campuses. Art is an integral part of our workspace and beyond. These pieces push the boundaries of what art is – just as we push the boundaries in our business.

  • Interview with the Artist: Creating "Mocha Dick"

    This life-size, inflatable sculpture is a replica of the real-life white whale that inspired Moby Dick. Artist Tristin Lowe describes his intricate creative process.

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  • Interview with the Artist: Masterful Murals

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  • The Artist's View: 'Hermit House'

    The artist of "Hermit House" visited campus to speak about his themes of personal space and use of objects.

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  • SEI and the Arts & Business Council

    Our relationship with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia reflects a true devotion to the arts.

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  • Everyone's an Artist! On Campus Creative Activity

    We’re always looking for ways to get creative, as with this on-campus activity that got the everyone painting Jackson Pollock style.

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  • Slow Motion Car Crash

    Witness a spectacular car crash—in detail and in slow motion, in the installation “The Slow and Inevitable Death of American Muscle.”

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  • An Interview with the West Collection Curator

    West Collection Curator Paige West and CEO Al West talk about the collection's origins and how it sparks an innovation mindset on campus.

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