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Acquisition and Succession: Shift Your Focus from Retirement to Growth

Your work may be more than just your livelihood – it's your life. The thought of eventual retirement or succession is simply an easy subject to avoid.

In fact, a recent SEI survey shows only 17% of advisors have a formal, signed succession plan in place and just 45% have a business continuity plan1.

Succession planning is not an end-game strategy for your business. If anything, it is about building a bigger, stronger business that one day can work for you. With a good plan, the right people, and enough time, every business can survive its founder’s retirement and many can even prosper.

Whether you plan to retire gradually, or merge with or acquire another firm, SEI's new white paper, Acquisition and Succession: Shift Your Focus from Retirement to Growth, discusses why:

  • Succession planning is not an end-game strategy.
  • Assessing your business now can help you formulate your vision for the future.
  • Valuing your business sooner rather than later can provide an incentive for growth.

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1 SEI/FP Transitions Advisor Poll on Succession Planning, April 2014, N=771

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