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Workflows: The Key Ingredient to a Sustainable and Sellable Advisor Business

By Raef Lee

For advisors/owners seeking to increase their firms’ value and ensure a consistent service experience for every client, success may hinge on their ability to implement workflows.

Workflows create the culture that ensures integration works. It helps transform advisory practices into sustainable businesses.

The Standard vs. Preferred Workflow Approach

Workflows benefit firms by:

  • Creating repeatable processes.
  • Capitalizing on data and metrics to identify successes and gaps in workflow.
  • Optimizing sales, service and operations to create greater efficiencies.

In this white paper, SEI Advisor Network™ joins forces with ActiFi™, a leading software and solutions firm devoted to helping financial advisors and institutions build exceptional businesses, to explore the growing trend among advisors to automate essential workflow processes within their CRMs.

Download your complimentary copy today or call 1-888-734-2679 to learn more. 

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