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Slow Motion Car Crash

For ninety days between November 2013 and February 2014, visitors to the Kimmel Center witnessed a spectacular car crash—in detail and in slow motion. The art installation, “The Slow and Inevitable Death of American Muscle” is a machine that advances two full-sized muscle cars slowly into one another, simulating a head-on collision.

The display was installed as part of the opening of the SEI Innovation Studio, a performing arts venue housed inside the Kimmel Center. It was part of an ongoing initiative of revolving art work from the West Collection.

Created by Jonathan Schipper, this piece was the first of three public art installations SEI is providing on a temporary loan to the Kimmel Center to enliven its public spaces and attract audiences to its seasonal offerings and resident company programs.

The SEI Innovation Studio at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts is a 200-seat venue created to house jazz and theater residencies. Its entrance is a 22-foot tall glass panel structure. Rotating contemporary artwork from the West Collection is on display in the lobby of the Studio.

Read more about the SEI Innovation Studio and this art installation in the press release.