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Succession Planning the Next Gen Way

In an era of tough markets, aging clients and declining valuations, it won’t surprise you to learn your practice is probably not worth as much as you think it is.

Standing still is no longer an option. Targeting younger investors and creating a company culture that aligns with potential acquirers is key to your future success.

Whether you’re a 60-something advisor ready to transition to a new life, or a 40-something professional in your peak earning years, SEI's latest Toolkit, Succession Planning the Next Gen Way, contains a replay of our January 28th Webinar along with an article and checklist  that discuss:

  • The advisory market today
  • A fresh look at the next generation
  • The hard facts about valuation and succession planning
  • How to implement an action plan to build your firm’s value via the next generation

Register now to download the Succession Planning the Next Gen Way Toolkit and begin building lasting and transferable value in your practice. For more information, call an SEI Practice Consultant at 1-888-734-2679.