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Futurewealth Report Part 1: The Digital World of the Futurewealthy

The ongoing Futurewealth Project undertaken by Scorpio Partnership and co-sponsored by SEI — a long-term initiative that began in 2009 — is designed to uncover the attitudes and aspirations of wealth creators around the world. This year, 3,477 individuals globally with average assets of $1.9 million took part in the survey.

According to the findings revealed in the first paper, The Digital World of the Futurewealthy, the world's wealthy appreciate the value of innovation in wealth management and are users of the latest technology. They may be more likely to take technological risks and are quick to adopt today's leading edge digital tools. So, the question remains: how will wealth managers appeal to this market and compete for their business?

 Read Part 1: The Digital World of the Futurewealthy (PDF)