of investors and consultants believe FoHFs will still exist in 20 years

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Seven Ways to Reinvention: Evolving and Enhancing the Funds of Hedge Funds Model

There is no doubt that many FoHFs are showing signs of duress as they face serious challenges. Yet, dire as the situation may seem to those managers who are watching their assets dwindle and fees severely curtailed, the bigger picture is far more nuanced, complex and indeed, optimistic.

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Our 20-page paper explores:

  • The headwinds facing the FoHF industry, as well as evidence showing that FoHFs’ core value proposition still remains relevant
  • Where investor/consultant and manager responses diverge on key issues
  • Seven areas that investors and consultants feel are opportunities for business model reinvention

Based on our recent survey of institutional FoHF investors and fund managers, along with our review of the latest thinking in the industry, we believe that the fund of hedge funds model may have more resilience and adaptability than some observers seem to think.

With this paper, we hope to stimulate thinking and dialogue on ways FoHFs can not only survive, but adapt themselves appropriately to remain prescient and even thrive in the years ahead.